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Molekuláris diagnosztika

Cost-effective, Dependable Tools to Streamline Workflow
Promega has over 30 years of expertise delivering reagents to life science and clinical laboratories. Promega offers GPR- and GPLE-labeled products, including instruments and reagents for DNA and RNA extraction, PCR, STR analysis, genetic analysis and mutation detection.


Systems for Molecular Diagnostics Research

Systems for Y chromosome deletion detection and microsatellite instability and STR analyses.

STR-based Sample Identification

Systems for amplifying human short tandem repeats (STR). These systems provides all materials necessary to amplify highly polymorphic STR regions of human genomic DNA for genetic identification applications.

Microsatellite Instability

A fluorescent multiplex PCR-based method to detect microsatellite instability (MSI) due to insertion or deletion of repeating units. Used in research studies to compare allelic profiles from tumor and normal samples.

Y Chromosome Deletion Detection System

For researchers studying Y chromosome deletions. This kit provides a standardized screening panel amplifying only informative nonpolymorphic sequence tag sites (STS) on the human Y chromosome.

Reagents for Molecular Diagnostics Labs

Taq DNA polymerase, dNTPs, RNasin® Inhibitor and other general purpose reagents.


Automated Nucleic Acid Purification–Maxwell® Systems

The Maxwell® Instruments offer benchtop automation with worry-free, walk-away purification of RNA, DNA or protein from up to 16 samples. These instruments offer consistent purification and eliminate concerns about clogged tips or contaminating drips.


  • RSC_320x290
    Maxwell® RSC Instrument

    This benchtop instrument offers high-precision, walk-away nucleic acid purification complete with preprogrammed methods and integrated quantitation.

  • AS3000_320x290
    Maxwell® 16 MDx Research Instrument

    Robust, automated DNA or RNA extraction with sample tracking, UV decontamination and a touch screen interface.

  • AS3000_320x290
    Maxwell® 16 Forensic Instrument

    High-yield DNA extraction for casework, database and relationship DNA-typing analysis.

  • Research_320x290
    Maxwell® 16 Research Instrument

    Fast automation for routine DNA, RNA or protein extraction resulting in reproducible yields and purity. 

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