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Breeze NU-C2500V Ventilated Laboratory Microcentrifuge

Breeze Ventilated Laboratory Microcentrifuge is compact and efficient. A maximum speed of 15,000 rpm / 21,200 x g offers efficient separation of protein samples and nucleic acids. Quick acceleration and deceleration reduce processing time, and unique multi-flow air cooling system keeps the rotor and samples close to ambient temperature with minimal noise.



Efficient Separation 

The Breeze Microcentrifuge offers a maximum speed of 15,000 rpm / 21,200 x g for very efficient separation of nucleic acids and protein samples. Quick acceleration and deceleration reduce processing time. 

User Friendly Controls

Simplified operation makes the Breeze Microcentrifuge easy to operate by any user. A large control knob and easy to read Liquid Crystal Display provides an easy interface for operation.

Multi-Flow Air Cooling Technology

Proper ventialltion disburses air friction inside the bowl to maintain samples at ambient temperature thorughout operation while minimizing noise. 

24 x 1.5/2.0ml tubes Rotor

The rotor is designed to hold all standard 1.5/2.0ml tubes (both conical bottom and skirted), and the snap on lid offers space for micro-filter filters that fit into the tops of the tubes. Adapters are available for processing smaller tubes, and the optional exclusive StripSpin Adapter fits onto the top of the rotor for centrifuging standard 8-tube PCR strips.


Műszaki specifikációk


Model NU-C2500V
Max Capacity 24 x 1.5 / 2.0 ml
Speed Range 500 to 15000 rpm 
Max RCF 21200 xg 
Timer 0.5 to 99 minutes or continuous“Quick” button for momentary operation
Exterior Dimensions (W x D x H) 
in. [cm]
9 ½ x 14 x 7 ½ [24 x 35 x 19]
Weight 21 lbs. / 9.6 kg.



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