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IonFlux Mercury

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IonFlux Mercury represents the next generation in the IonFlux automated patch clamp system. The new system adds features such as remote and touch screen experiment execution, highly extended recording times, new streamlined fluid exchange system, standardized temperature control, and integrated current clamp. IonFlux Mercury is most compact yet full featured stand-alone high throughput automated patch clamp instrument on the market.


Unprecedented ion channel assay simplicity & speed!


IonFlux systems are used all over the world in industry and academic labs to simplify and speed up complicated ligand and voltage gated assays.

With its unique microfluidic plates, IonFlux is the only system where all cell recordings and liquid exchange are performed within the plate proper, providing unique features including parallel and flexible liquid control and continuous flow.

Building on this great lineage, IonFlux Mercury represents the next generation in this automated patch clamp system. New features include:

• Higher enhancement in liquid exchange: IonFlux systems are unique in providing continuous flow and rapid liquid exchange necessary for complicated ligand gated channel assays. The IonFlux Mercury enhances this ability by adding more precise flow control and liquid displacement

• Integrated and remote operation: IonFlux Mercury includes a powerful dedicated and embedded computer and a touch screen for simple operation. Basic operations are managed via a simple touch interface. The system can be also remotely controlled and monitored from any other computer, allowing for ease of integration into difficult to access rooms and HTS centers

• Extensive data recording: IonFlux Mercury can record extremely long data sweeps with no interruption providing an even better platform for extensive ligand gated channels assays such as PAM effects, desensitization recovery and open channel block.

• Standard temperature control: Temperature control is now a standard feature on all Mercury systems with a powerful positive feedback system controlled easily via software

• Standard current clamp: IonFlux Mercury is capable of applying voltage and current clamp providing the maximum assay flexibility (coming soon)



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