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Molecular Devices

AquaMax Microplate Washer

Don't let your transformative science be undone by incomplete or over-aggressive microplate washing. You can program your AquaMax® Microplate Washer with just the right plate or cell washing protocol for a thorough, gentle wash that wastes no time. Cell wash heads for 96- and 384-well formats have angled dispensing pins for extremely gentle washing of weakly adherent cell types. Integrate your AquaMax Washer with a StakMax Microplate Handling Stacker for batches up to 50 plates. AquaMax washers are compatible with all major microplate auomation systems, too, for even more options.



User-Changeable Washer Heads


  • 96- and 384-well Plate Wash Heads for biochemical assays for thorough washing of ELISAs
  • 96- and 384-well Cell Wash Heads for cell-based assays with angled dispensing pins for gentle washing of cell-based assays
  • Thirty second head changes with no tools, calibration, or alignment. Simply move a lever to engage and disengage.
  • Buy the heads you need now and add heads as your needs change
  • Simultaneous washing of all wells for 96- and 384-well plates minimizes processing time
Compatibility with Cell-Based Assays


  • Cell-Wash Heads process plate gently enough for weakly adherent cell types (ex. HEK293)
  • Angled dispensing pins and controllable dispensing pressure minimizes cell blow off
  • Variable aspiration rate minimizes cell lift-off
  • AquaMax Microplate Washer with Cell-Wash Head minimizes need for researchers to fix cells
Multiple Washer Reservoir Options


  • Two- or four-fluid inlets with matching color-coded tubing facilitate quick assembly of the buffer and wash solution bottles and allow multiple wash protocols to be run without switching bottles
  • 4 or 10 liter bottles available to address your throughput needs
  • Level sensing bottles as an option to track liquid levels in the bottles
  • Waste can be sent to reservoir or sink
Automatic Maintenance Protocols
  • One-Touch Autoclean completely washes system with AquaMax Sterilant; rinses with water and then air dry both the aspiration and dispensing channel to prevent contaminant build up.
  • Auto-shutdown is user-definable and can automatically rinse and purge AquaMax Washer with air, providing walk away flexibility at the end of the batch.
Automation Options
  • Zero-alignment integration of AquaMax Microplate Washer to StakMax Microplate Handling Stacker  provides easy automation option for most users.
  • AquaMax onboard software controls the StakMax Microplate Handling Stacker
  • AquaMax Microplate Washer can be integrated in the majority of automation environments, connects via USB port, and uses simple serial commands.


The AquaMax Microplate Washer has an intuitive touch-screen user interface that includes:


  • Up to 100 different programs, each of which contains up to 50 program steps
  • Configurable to wash plates and perform system maintenance
  • Various system head designs and control features optimize the ability to run biochemical and cell-based microplate washing applications
  • Precise dispensing and aspiration control that allows both fast processing of robust biochemical assays and gentle processing of cell-based assays without cell disruption
  • Fast sequential washing, continuous washing, and bottom washing options that enable the AquaMax Washer to be set up to meet specific assay needs while reducing the wash time to a minimum


Műszaki specifikációk

Performance Specifications

Precision (96-well)
< 4% CV @ 300 µL
Precision (384-well)
≤ 3% CV @ 100 µL
Washing times 96 wash head, 300 µL/well
Single cycle:  11 sec.
Three cycles:  26 sec.
Washing times 384 wash head, 100 µL/well
Single cycle:  12 sec.
Three cycles:  28 sec.
Dispense volume
10-400 µL per well
FastWash times (optimized for speed)
96 Wash Head, 300 µL/well, three cycles: 14 sec.
384 Wash Head, 100 µL/well, three cycles 16 sec.
Process time with integrated, optional StakMax® Microplate Handling System (Fast Wash, 96 Wash Head, 300 µL/well, three cycles)
< 13 min. for 20 plates
Wash volume
100-3000 µL
Residual volume, 96
≤ 5 µL
Residual volume, 384
≤ 2 µL

General Specifications

Dimensions (in.)
8.3 (H) x 18.3 (W) x 20.3 (D)
Dimensions (cm)
21 (H) x 46.6 (W) x 51.7 (D)
Weight (instrument)
40.8 lbs. (18.5 kg)
Power supply
Wash head
PET (polyethylene terephthalate), 304 stainless steel
Liquid contact materials
Nylon, Polypropylene, Teflon, Polyethylene, Stainless Steel, and Silicone
Compatible microplates
SBS-conforming 96- and 384-well; flat, U-, or V-bottom plates
Liquid inlets
2 or 4
Waste to drain or vented container
Interface connections
USB and proprietary StakMax connect
Shake options
3 speeds
Up to 600 sec. max.
Regulatory certifications
cTUVus mark

Any assay that needs washing as a primary, intermediary, or final step before quantitation is amenable to be washed on the AquaMax Microplate Washer. Two of the most widely used assays include:

  • Biochemical assays, such as ELISA
  • Cell-based assays, including weakly adherent cells

Although any assay where washing of microplates is needed would be appropriate and would benefit from automated washing on the AquaMax Washer. Examples include:

  • High throughput screening (HTS) calcium mobilization and ion channel assays performed on Fluorometric Imaging Plate Readers including Molecular Devices FLIPR Tetra System and FlexStation 3 Multi-Mode Microplate Reader
  • High content screening assays performed on imaging systems like Molecular Devices family of cellular imaging systems
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Part  Number

AquaMax 2K Bundle includes AquaMax 2000 Microplate Washer, 96-Plate Wash Head, Two Assay Bottles with level sensor, and 10L Waste bottle with sensor AQUAMAX 2K
AquaMax 4K Bundle includes AquaMax 4000 Microplate Washer, 96-Plate Wash Head, Four Assay Bottles with level sensor, and 10L Waste bottle with sensor AQUAMAX 4K
StakMax Microplate Handling Stacker STAKMAX
AquaMax Sterilant R8156
On-site Compliance Assurance IQOQ Service for AquaMax 2000 Plate Washers (Installation Qualification/Operation Qualification service including detailed IQOQ results for system owner qualification records) AQ2000-IQOQSVC-OS
On-site Compliance Assurance IQOQ Service for AquaMax 4000 Plate Washers (Installation Qualification/Operation Qualification service including detailed IQOQ results for system owner qualification records) AQ4000-IQOQSVC-OS


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